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The city of Eilat and the Hevel Eilot Regional Council are located at the southern-most tip of Israel. This vast region made up of sprawling desert landscapes is the key to a greener future. 

The area’s natural resources, its abundance of sunlight and open spaces, led to a dream of developing the area into an international sustainability hub for the production of renewable energy technologies and innovation.


Our Vision Peres Visit (1)

The Eilat- Eilot Initiative is a non-profit company, owned by the kibbutzim of the Arava, JNF, and local industrial, developmental, and academic entities. It was created because of a shared concern regarding local sustainable development, a response to global warming and identifying the need to use local recourses such as abundant sunlight, open spaces and the entrepreneurial spirit among the local population.

Prior to this project, the region was characterized mainly by agriculture and limited tourism. As agriculture alone could not attract the younger generation to return to the region, the need arose to develop fascinating and challenging professions that reflect the current global discourse. The initiative, therefore, incorporates many fields which comprise key elements to advance sustainable innovation, and economic and demographic development.

The program boasts a variety of several participants including local entities, government ministries and companies, Israeli academic institutions and businesses, as well as international businesses, and financial funding groups.


Our Goals Storage Forum Nov 2013 (2)

The Eilat-Eilot  project is promoting the use and development of renewable energy as a regional development catalyst. We aims to transform the region into an international center for research and development of technologies that produce renewable energy. Simultaneously, the project strives to render the region energy independent, and free of fossil fuel and carbon emissions by 2020. This project will facilitate the region’s transition as an energy importer and transform it into international knowledge center, housing innovative and breakthrough technologies and ultimately realizing the vision for a Sun Valley in the southern Arava.

By 2040, we hope to reach 400 MW from renewable 24/7, 300 new job opportunities among them researchers, engineers, educators, and more. We estimate that the local community will increase to a population of 15,000, enthusiastic about living in a region that cultivates environment, innovation, and excellency.

The project’s mission is to develop the field of sustainable energy while simultaneously leveraging the southern Arava and Eilat by creating jobs, developing research facilities, producing clean energy, and developing training and academic programs. This multifaceted transformation of the region, especially in employment opportunities, will also attract an influx of business entrepreneurs. As more awareness of the potential of the Arava region is generated, more highly educated and skilled young professionals will relocate to the area in order to partake in the forthcoming green revolution.

The Renewable Energy Initiative implements this mission for two municipal authorities; Eilat and Hevel Eilot. The initiative is responsible for carrying out the strategic plan to achieve sustainable development.


What we have achieved so far 

Eilat-Eilot has become well-known as a leader in renewable energy development, both on a national and international level. The Israeli government and ministries recognize the organization as an established catalyst for change, without any direct business entities.

First and foremost we have connected more than 104MW of electricity (during day time – which are 64% of demand) from renewable sources to the area’s grid. This makes the Arava Valley region one of the only places in the world that produces almost 100% of its electricity consumption during the day.


The Eilat-Eilot International Conference on Renewable Energy provides a forum to exchange professional knowledge among leading Israeli and international scientists. This conference is supported by government ministries, both financially and through partnerships with affiliate associations abroad.

We have successfully established a Technology Center which is partially partnered with the Office of the Chief of Science.
We have also established an international youth competition for renewable energy that attracts participants from all over the world.

We have designed educational programs (Currently available only in Hebrew) that have been approved by the Ministry of Education and we have been recognized by the Foreign Ministry as an international center for training in this field. 

We hold an international youth competition for science excelling students. This competition is held under the brand name ‘SUSTAINERGY’.

We have built an off-grid demonstration village to promote off-grid technologies. 

To keep and add achievements to this list we work every day to initiate, facilitate and bring to life more amazing renewable energy projects. 


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