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The transformative power of storage

The workshop is  titled “The Transformative Power of Storage: Developing IRENA’s Electricity Storage Roadmap. The aim of this workshop was to identify the key technologies and applications for energy storage to support the accelerated deployment of renewable energy, as well as to consider which applications, best practices and lessons should be highlighted in IRENA’s global technology roadmap for electricity storage, which feeds into REmap 2030.

Dusseldorf Energy Storage Proceedings final

The link above displays all the presentations given at the workshop:

REmap 2030 and the role of Storage

Dolf Gielen, IRENA


Electricity storage: requirements, experimental results and tools

Franck Al Shakarchi, Laboratory for Smart Electrical Systems, Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), France


European Energy Storage Technology Development, Roadmap towards 2030

Allan Schroeder Pedersen, DTU Energy Conversion, Denmark


Cost-Benefit of Electricity Storage

Luigi Mazzocchi, RSE SpA, Italy

Valuing Electricity Storage in Markets

Andreas Zucker, European Commission Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport


Policies and Regulations for Electricity Storage in Japan

Tetsuji Tomita, New and Renewable Energy and International Cooperation Unit, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan