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Tender for Timna 170MW Solar Park

Important update on Timna Solar Park Tender:

The Israel Land Authority did not approve the tender under the management of Eilat Eilot.

We are currently working on approval for the tender without a management contract. On the other hand the Land Authority will give us an amount of money in advance for our management work. This amount will come from the money that the entrepreneurs will suggest on the land. 

We estimate that a solution will be reached and that the tender will be published in the beginning of January.

The area

The new Timna Solar Park will be located on a 1000 dunam (247 acre) plot of land adjacent to the site of the former Timna Mines, which is approximately 28 km (18 miles) north of Eilat. The tender will be open to only PV Tracker solar systems and the cost of the bid will cover only the acquisition of the land. The Tariff per installed kilowatt has already been determined by the government of Israel according to regulations established in 2012 for solar energy harvested by PV systems. The allocation of the land and project have already been approved by the Israeli Land Authority.

timna 2

The first tender for 50 MW

The tender to build and operate the Timna Solar Park is scheduled to be published after November 24. The tender is open to qualified bidders worldwide and the industrial zone of Timna will be managed by the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative. Detailed maps of the area and a completed environmental impact report will be provided to qualified bidders as part of the bid. Each bidder will be required to submit a detailed plan of its proposed technology and systems to the Israeli National Planning Committee for approval. “We are very proud to announce this tender for the Timna Solar Park and significantly expand the amount of solar energy produced in the Arava and Eilat regions, which currently stands at 65 megawatts,” explained Dorit Davidovich-Banet, CEO of The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative and Chairperson of the Eilat-Eilot Green Energy Conference “The new Timna Solar Park offers bidders and their investors an attractive opportunity to build a profitable solar energy field supported excellent infrastructure and a dynamic renewable energy ecosystem.” “The Timna Solar Park will substantially increase Israel’s renewable energy production and will play an important role in diversifying the country’s energy mix,” said Eitan Parnass, Director General of the Green Energy Association of Israel. “This project also holds the potential to serve as the basis for international cooperation throughout the region with connectivity and supply of solar energy to the national grids of neighboring countries.” At the Eilat-Eilot Green Energy Conference, there will be a special conference session dedicated to discussing the project details and bidding process for the Timna Solar Park. This conference session is scheduled for 1pm on December 9. The following day at 8am on December 10, bidders will be taken on a tour of the Timna Solar Park site. Potential bidders are invited to request additional information by sending an email to The Eilat-Eilot Green Energy Conference will take place at the Herods and Dan Hotels in Eilat on December 7-9. Registration information for the conference is available at

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