Teacher Training

With the increase of energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases in the last three decades, leading scientists predict that global warming will result in rising sea levels, droughts, and extreme temperature as early as two or three decades from now. In light of these facts, a pressing need to develop a sustainable source of energy has never been greater. As education serves as the cornerstone of society, the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative believes in addressing this issue through raising awareness and providing tools and knowledge to the younger generations about renewable energy.


In 2003, the Israeli Government asked the Ministry of Education to spearhead the implementation of a new approach to incorporate sustainability into the education system. The teachers were required to include this topic in the educational curriculum; however, they were not receiving the proper training. Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative established this project to create a cadre of teachers with the necessary tools to educate their students about the need to develop renewable energy and responsible living. The program also seeks to inspire students to pursue the field of renewable energy in their studies and future careers.


This project trains over 500 science and technology teachers in the Negev region in order to facilitate the integration of the recognized Ministry of Education ‘energy preservation’ syllabi into the classroom. We seek to expose thousands of middle school students to the nascent field of renewable energy, with the greater goal of more students continuing their studies in the subject in high school and university.


The premise of this project is to enhance the students’ learning experience by broadening their knowledge of renewable energy concepts and fostering connections between the students through creative educational activities.