Passed away Dr. Zvi Tabor, Israeli solar energy pioneer

December 20, 2015

Dr. Harry Zvi Tabor was born march 1917, and is considered to be the father of Israeli solar energy. 

Tabor was born in England, and holds a bachelor in physics from the University of London, and a doctorate in renewable energy from the Hebrew university. 

In 1956, Tabor received the Weizmann award for his instrumental contribution in developing the solar water heater that became one of the most common accessories in Israeli homes, and had become a part of the Israeli urban scenery . Tabor developed a black chrome coating, known as “Tabor’s selective surface” that optimizes the absorptivity of solar energy, with minimizing the re-radiation.

Through out his years he took part in the development of solar ponds, promoted and developed “green homes” planning and even took part in planning an electric vehicle that was years ahead of it’s time.

For his immense work he received in 1992 a Doctorate of honor from the Weizmann institute as recognition for his scientific innovations, that lead Israel to be a one of the solar energy technology pioneers. For these he also received in 2013 the Israeli presidential award.

Tabor was a guest of honor at the first Eilat-Eilot international conference that was held in 2010, and received from us a life-time achievement award.