New 40MW Solar Field in the Arava

August 3, 2015

On July 29th we were honored to be guests at the initiation event of a new 40MW solar field by Arava Power Company and E.D.F the French national electric corporation.

This field is the largest of its kind in Israel, and is located on the eastern side of rout 90 in southern Arava, across from Kibbutz Ketura. The field spreads out on more than 500 Dunams.

We are personally happy in this occasion, due to the personal relationship Eilat-Eilot has with Arava Power Company.

This project benefits not only the establishing companies but also the entire region. The Southern Arava, with this new solar field now produces 104% of electricity demand during day time. It is a substantial achievement for all the renewable energy organizations and companies working in the area, including the Eilot local council and Eilat-Eilot.

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