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EE Off Grid Hub

Eilat Eilot is establishing a new center for Off-Grid solutions in Kibbutz Ketura, located in the Southern Arava. The center will be known as the ‘EE Off Grid Hub’.

The center will provide an area in which to perform demonstrations and experiments as well as business development services.

Who may apply?

- Start-ups and established companies in the energy and water sectors

- Off Grid Products

- Companies aimed at developing markets

Value Proposition:

- Test, demo and exposure – including integration and know-how

- Market entry support through local strategic partners (connections to local distributors, NGOs etc..)

- Assistance raising capital from international financing initiatives

The Center will be launched during the 6th International Green Energy Conference.


For registration and more information please contact


Click here to view the printable version of the Call for Submissions


Read about organizations that are involved in off grid technologies:















Read more about the project’s background by clicking the link below:

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