Global Solar Council launched at COP21

December 7, 2015

The Global Solar Council (GSC) has been established by the leading regional and national solar associations to unify the solar power sector at an international level, share best practices and accelerate global market developments.

The Key Message: Solar has already reached a low cost level today and is ready to assume a much bigger role in fighting climate change.

“Today the solar power sector has united to fight climate change,” says Bruce Douglas, Chairman of the GSC. “The recent launch of the International Solar Alliance spearheaded by India demonstrates the consensus that solar power will become the principal source of electricity generation. Solar has a hugely important role to play in the international efforts to ultimately eliminate carbon emissions from the power sector.”

The GSC strives to convey 3 Key Messages about solar power:

Solar power is already one of the cheapest forms of electricity globally and prices continue to decline fast. The levelised cost of solar electricity is 80% lower than it was during COP-15 in 2009. Solar provides a cost-effective means of fighting climate change today.

Solar power is the most versatile form of electricity generation and can be deployed anywhere in the world for the people of developing and developed countries alike. It has great potential for poverty alleviation and rural electrification. Solar also has the highest share of popular support of any electricity technology.

To avoid a greater than 2ºC increase in global temperatures, it is imperative to strongly accelerate the deployment of solar power. A 10% share of global power generation by 2030, from less than 1% today, is certainly possible given the right market conditions.