Eilat-Eilot in Wall Street Journal

July 8, 2015

The renown magazine, Wall Street Journal, published an article about the current situation of Israeli renewable energy in the light of the newly found gas deposits.  Needles to say that the current situation is dire, as government is neglecting former obligations to reach 10% RE production until 2020, and event considering to close off the electricity authority. 

The article describes the shift that occurred in Israeli government attitude to renewables. Starting with an exciting rush of entrepreneurs and investors- “government agreed to pay authorized solar-power producers as much as 2.10 shekels per kilowatt-hour produced, giving about a 14% margin to producers, according to Dorit Banet, chief executive of Eilat Eilot solar group”.

Government later stopped issuing new licenses and the holdup, started strangling the industry, narrowing to just 15 solar-focused firms operating in Israel in 2015, down from around 80 in 2009. 

Read the full article in the Wall Street Journal