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Educational Programs

The underlying concept of the programs is the enhancement of the learning experience through creation of interest, understanding of principles and their implementation, and of course, the ties between the students, the knowledge they are acquiring and the real world surrounding them in everything connected to sustainable energy, through fascinating and interesting activities.

All of the programs were written by the local teaching staff from Eilat and Eilot, professionally advised by Dr. Eli Kalmanson, Adva Eshel and Rachel Globman. A special program was written for the ninth grade by Tamar Fischel as part of her master's degree thesis at the Arava Institute, supervised by Dr. Hanan Ginat and Dr. Orit Ben Tsvik Asraf. All of the programs written were adapted to the standards of the Ministry of Education in the field of the sciences, and their role is to supplement the existing material in the friendliest and clearest way possible.

Using the sun as an energy source

Grade 3 and 4

This program allows students to recognize and understand the properties of materials, changes in materials and the effect of their use on society and the environment. It encourages to them to use creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Grade 1 and 2

Integrating the topic of “Seasons”, this program focuses on solar energy and its impact on the environment. The program includes research and experimenting, data collection and more…

Kindergarden Programs

An annual program on the subject of light which includes artificial and natural light sources; the program includes daily work on motor and spatial skills. Through playing games with light sources children learn to handle fear of the dark and also learn to cooperate with their physical and social environments.