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Welcome to the Sun Valley for renewable energy in the
Eilat – Hevel Eilot region!

The city of Eilat and the Hevel Eilot Regional Council are located at the southern-most tip of the State of Israel. Together they comprise 13% of the area of Israel, with just 0.85% of the population. Concern about global warming, abundant sunlight, the open spaces and residents interested in sustainable development all led the region to focus on the field of renewable energy in order to leverage regional development.

The Eilat – Eilot renewable energy project aspires to turn the region into an international center for development of technologies for production of renewable energy, while at the same time making the region energy independent, and free of fossil fuel and carbon emissions by 2020. This project will turn the region into one which imports energy to energy exporters and one which will also serve as an international knowledge center, putting breakthrough technologies on display. Together all of the above will help to realize the vision for a Sun Valley in the southern Arava.

The Renewable Energy Initiative is the entity which implements these actions for two municipal authorities, Eilat and Hevel Eilot; the Energy Initiative coordinates all of the project's activity and is responsible for carrying out the strategic plan.

The model which was created by the Energy Initiative comprehends many fields which together make up the lifecycle of innovation and production. The project integrates all of the local entities, academic institutions in Israel, businesses from Israel and from around the world, financial funding groups, government ministries and government companies in order to leverage the field of renewable energy for regional development.

The project includes:
Writing and implementation of renewable energy educational programs
Academics and research
Development of technology and establishment of pilot projects
Technology verification center
Generation of electricity from solar power stations
Development of the field of energy efficiency
Production of an annual international conference
Continuous promotion of regulation

The role of the project is to leverage regional development: to create jobs, to develop technologies, to establish solar electricity fields, to develop training programs and academic programs, all of which will together bring a stream of new residents to our region who will either work in these fields or will wish to live in a high quality region associated with renewable energy. The project has received both government and international recognition, and has become the cutting edge in the field of renewable energy in Israel.

The Renewable Energy Initiative stands for innovation and breakthroughs in the field of energy in Israel, and we all hope that together with our partners we will achieve the aims which we have set for ourselves and will become an international role model.