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SUSTAINERGY 2013 – international youth competition & conference

The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative in Israel and the Eilat campus of Ben-Gurion University are launching the second international Sustainable Energy Youth Conference and competition, This time the main focus is on creative solutions and technology for conserving energy and saving electricity by raising their efficiency.

The aim of this competition is to encourage the current young generation to consider the energy usage issue and come up with fresh new ideas. We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit of this generation is a rich human resource for the future. They will surely have a substantial contribution in the fields of research and practical implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Our quality of life and lifestyles are dependent in great part upon the availability of energy sources.
Annual energy consumption around the world is great, and is expected to continue to rise due to population growth and the growing demand for energy, particularly in developing countries. As a result, sources of available energy have now begun to dwindle (oil, natural gas, coal); this process will increase in the future, as will environmental pollution. We have already begun to pay the price of air pollution and global warming due to the way that energy consumption and creation has been handled.

At the December 2009 Copenhagen conference the countries of the world came to understand that a new “reduced-carbon economy” has to be created. The question on all lips was how to reach this target while still maintaining worldwide equilibrium regarding the cessation of global warming and reducing air pollution, while at the same time properly developing all of the settled areas and striving towards equal rights and opportunities for all of the peoples of the world.