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Strategic Plan

The Energy Initiative is working in accordance with the strategic plan which was outlined with the help of a professional team from Trigger Foresight. The plan includes determination of aims and goals, and principal obstacles were carefully identified. An in-depth analysis of trends in the field in Israel and around the world was also made.

The Energy Initiative's plan is dynamic, and we invest much effort in making continuous updates in accordance with progress and with the environmental and social changes taking place in Israel and around the world. Following is an abstract of the current state of the strategic plan. In order to fulfill the aim to increase the number of residents and jobs, a number of main directions have been defined which focus on three pivotal issues which affect each other: production, knowledge and awareness.
•    Advancement of thermo-solar technology in the Timna industrial area
•    Concentrated efforts to remove conductivity obstacles in order to advance the production projects during the coming years
•    Commencement of bio-energy operations

Knowledge: the Initiative has made it a priority to connect Ben Gurion University to the project, and is taking part in the establishment of the option to receive a bachelor's degree in renewable energy and in the promotion of the initiative to establish a verification center together with the Standards Institute.

Awareness: the Initiative is working towards the establishment and development of experiential and attractive tourism activities together with the building of community identity around the subject of renewable energy. The Initiative aspires to include both younger and older residents in international cooperation, thereby realizing the vision of a "Sun Valley".

The Initiative operated as part of the Hevel Eilot Regional Council from June 2008 until December 2011. From January 2012 the Initiative will operate as a Community Interest Company owned by eight of the kibbutzes in the region, the Arava Institute, Yotvata Dairy, Ardom – the financial company of the kibbutzes, Ardag Co. and the Technological Center.

The Community Interest Co. will be a nonprofit organization, with profits to be used for realization of the aims of the Company. The advantages in establishment of a community interest company are chiefly in its being a legal entity which can allow tax-free donations, can receive support from the local authority and from government authorities, as well as in the option to make connections with private groups in order to establish enterprises or partnerships without the need for publication of tenders, and also in that the kibbutzes themselves are the owners, which creates shared responsibility of the kibbutzim in leveraging the enterprise for regional development.

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