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Dorit Banet- Founder & CEO of Eilat Eilot RE. Co Chairwoman of the Eilat-Eilot forum and convention for renewable energies 


Noam Ilan- Founder & VP  technology development CN. Co chairman of the Eilat-Eilot forum and convention for renewable energies 

Na'ama Aloni- Coordinator of the international youth competition and administrative director


Avital Rozen-  Education, Community & professional training coordinator  

Dafna Levy- Informatics and online content. 


Einat Avraham- Writing and editing enrichment curriculums



Pixi Silverman  - Online content manager





Dorit Davidovich Banet- Short Bio:
Dorit Davidovich Banet co-founded and has been managing the The Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy project for the last 6 years. The project demonstrates a model for solving the energy crisis by advancing all necessary components while generating substantial regional development. The activities includes RE Education, R&D, Commercialization and Pilot projects, RE production, Energy conservation, Branding and advancing suitable regulation. The project has received wide recognition by government and public in Israel and globally. 

Among hers roles Dorit is in charge for, Setting up and running the Eilat Eilot administration, energy efficiency projects in Eilat and Hevel Eilot, education programs, cooperation with the European union, planning process Timna 200MWp Solar Park and organizing Israel's leading RE conference held annually in Eilat.
Prior to this position Dorit was the head of the environment unit Eilat-Hevel Eilot for 8 years. Among here activities were: setting up the Env' Unit, create the idea of renewable energy as catalyst for sustainable developing in the region, realization of several unique environmental projects as: sewage solutions by constructive wetlands in the kibutzim, massive recycling infrastructure in the hole region and Creating interface regarding open areas in the Arava and in the Eilat see shores. 
Dorit holds a master degree in Geomorphology studies from the Ben Gurion University, focusing on stratigrafics issues and earthquakes. she holds a BA in Geography from Haifa university.

Noam Ilan- Short Bio:
is vice president of business development and co-founder of Capital Nature, a renewable energy technologies investment firm that operates Israel’s national renewable energy technology center. He is also the founder and the chairman of the Eilat Eilot renewable energy international conference.
Between 2006 and 2010 Noam co-founded and managed the The Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative, creating a unique model for solving the energy crisis while generating substantial regional development. The initiative has received wide international recognition.
Among his roles In Eilat Eilot Noam was in charge for developing the Timna 200MW Solar Park as well as establishing a leading test and validation center for renewable energy technologies.
Prior to this position Noam was engaged in business development and consulting in the field of Renewable Energy, pioneering bio-fuel production in Israel and promoting solar energy legislation in the Israeli Parliament. In the 90' Noam founded and managed Cortext Ltd, an innovative software development company with leading clients in Israel and abroad.
Noam holds a master degree in environmental studies from the Tel Aviv University, focusing on renewable energy. He is very familiar with the Israeli and global renewable energy technology market place and is a well-known speaker on those topics.

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