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Investments Entrepreneurship and Production

The Arava and Eilat region welcomes all investors or companies interested in investing in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative fuels in our region. The advantages conferred by sunshine during most of the days of the year, agricultural fields owned by the kibbutzes, readily available industrial areas, government benefits for national priority areas, the free port area in Eilat, proximity to ports on the route to Africa and Asia, the only technological hothouse in Israel devoted solely to renewable energies together with some of the foremost companies in the country and the existence of an entity to administrate and lead the field of renewable energy, providing professional responses to all requests under the name: the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Company - all of the above have gradually turned the region into a Sun Valley for Renewable Energy.

Current fields of business activity in the region:
Establishment of solar fields, from the size of roofs of homes up to fields of 100 MW and more –
1. The Arava Power Company (of which Siemens holds 40%) is establishing mid-sized fields on Kibbutzes Ketura, Neve Harif, Lotan, Grofit, Yotvata and Elifaz, as well as a large 40 MW field on Kibbutz Ketura.
2. Veolia is establishing a mid-sized field on Kibbutz Samar.
3. The Belectric Company, together with Kibbutz Neot Smadar, is establishing a mid-sized field on Kibbutz Neot Smadar.
4. Solarit Doral is establishing solar roofs to the extent of mid-sized fields on Kibbutz Yotvata and Samar. There are also 50 kW systems on the roofs of Yotvata, the Yotvata parking lot and Samar.
5. The Shikun V'Binui Company is establishing a mid-sized field at the Timna Mines industrial area, which is owned by the Olshak brothers.
6. Kibbutz Yahel, with the help of the Green Is Us Company and APC, established a system of domestic devices which together produce up to 600 solar kW.
7. The Brimag Solar Systems Company established a 50 kW system on the roofs of Eilat schools.
8. The Azrielli Group won a tender for land for mid-sized solar fields in the Ein Evrona industrial area which is in the jurisdiction of the city of Eilat.
9. It would appear that a large land tender for 60 solar megawatts in the Timna industrial area will be published soon (by the Israel Land Authority).

Pilot projects:
1. The ADIG-AORA Company – sun tower on Kibbutz Samar.
2. The Shikun V'Binui Company – thermo-solar pilot of parabolic troughs – 3.5 MW of heat in the Ardom industrial area.
3. Small demonstration devices from the Solaris, B-Solar, IBPV and Verilite companies, located on the Capital Nature experimental field on Kibbutz Ketura.
4. The Bio-fuel Alternatives Company, which is growing castor oil plants in order to extract the oil and produce biodiesel on Kibbutz Yotvata
5. Greenlet Technologies – a pilot project at the Regional Council offices to save energy by remote control of electrical appliances and prevention of electricity consumption

To make contact and for additional information:
Naama Aloni, Administrative Director – the Renewable Energy Co. Ltd.

Or contact us through the website