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Herods and Dan Hotels, Eilat

2-4 December 2014

The conference will be part of "Israel Energy Week"

More details coming soon....


The goal of the Renewable Energy Initiative is to advance the field of renewable energy through development of new technologies, promotion of favorable regulation, raising awareness and encouraging knowledge, including through education. To this end the Initiative creates platforms for experts, policy makers and the general public to become familiar with the field and to increase activities connected to it.

The Renewable Energy Initiative runs platforms for promotion of the field of renewable energy:
•    An annual international conference in Eilat
•    A roundtable forum
•    A youth competition and conference on renewable energy

The Initiative has posted the knowledge which has been gathered through these events on an Internet site and in the site's databank. Interesting lectures given at previous conferences, presentations created by young people in the framework of the annual competition on renewable energy matters, and position papers generated through joint efforts by the foremost experts in the field at roundtables, can be found in the databank.

In addition to creation of much knowledge and making it available to the public, these events provide opportunities for social encounters and personal acquaintance with additional professional personnel from the field of renewable energy. In an era in which most communication is electronic, such encounters are extremely important, not a few of which lead to commercial cooperation and unique enterprises which, at the end of the day, promote the field of renewable energy in Israel and around the world.

We invite you to read about the conference, the forum and youth competition which will take place this year.