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Capital Nature Startups

Capital Nature is a leading investment firm focused on funding and accelerating early stage ventures in the field of renewable energy. The joint venture between Eilat Eilot and Capital Nature led to the establishment of a technology incubator which is based in the Arava. Here, start ups are proved with continuous support and access to the technological, marketing and financial resources of Capital Nature investors.


Capital Nature’s test and validation site provides a fully serviced one stop shop for pilot projects, allowing start-ups to survive the transition between R&D and mass deployment of their technologies.


To read more about the Capital Nature team and its activities, you are invited to visit the Capital Nature Website.


Here is a preview of the start-ups currently being supported by Capital Nature:


SolView is a software startup company providing advanced tools for solar sales targeting. SolView has developed an innovative automated solar potential assessment and leads qualification tools and is providing a platform which helps solar professionals better target potential customers, increase conversion rates and reduce marketing and customer acquisition costs.




Solariphy offers an innovative technology that enables a more efficient conversion of the sunlight to electric energy by solar panels. Solariphy’s patent pending solution, will enable PV solar panels to produce more energy than currently possible.



GEM Solar develops a unique technology for kerf free slicing of silicon ingots into wafers used for photovoltaic (PV) cells thereby decreasing the cost of the silicon wafers dramatically.



AugWind offers a breakthrough technology that utilizes solar energy to augment the intermittent wind energy. Augwind offers a solar augmented device that gets integrated to an existing wind turbine while utilizing the wind turbine power generating system while incorporating a novel power dispatchability technology.



Chakratec - LOGO - w


Chakratec develops a patent protected flywheel concept that provides a stationary green energy storage solution with low capital cost and a disruptive low cost per cycle.


Roadix Logo


Roadix LTD is working on the development of an innovative personal vehicle called MUVe, which offers the user the ability to move around freely and safely in the urban environment without having to worry about parking space, gas prices or traffic. The MUVe is characterized by a unique folding structure that ensures stable and secure ride, fast folding and carrying capacity similar to a trolley suitcase.