Auditorium Initiation

October 29, 2015

Yesterday, October 28th, we celebrated the initiation of our newly renovated auditorium, at the regional research and renewable energy center.

The renovation was made to the highest standard, allowing us to hold a variety of activities such as lectures and seminars. In the renovation process, we did our best to give attention to details large and small. for example, the carpet at the auditorium is made out of recycled martial, all of the seating are locally manufactured, special hearing aids were installed for the hearing impaired and many other special features were installed.

We wish to thank Stuart Silbert, who represents Ursula & Fritz Blumenthal, which through their generous support this auditorium was made possible. The Blumenthals were born in Germany pre-WW2 and immigrated to the United states, where they met and married, and later moved to Australia. The couple supported, through out their lives, a variety of Jewish establishments in the USA, Australia and Israel. They contributed their bequest to the KKL to help projects like this come to be.

A special thanks also goes out to JNF Australia who helps and supports us throughout our journey.