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Sun valley

A revolution for the whole family is on the way!

Eilat and Hevel Eilot are leading a revolution in the field of renewable energy, and you are invited to take part. The southern Arava region aspires to achieve energy independence by 2020, a region free from carbon fuels and emissions, one which will serve as a knowledge and development center, a region in which it is healthy and pleasant to live.

The Sun Valley plan includes development and implementation of educational programs, academics and research, new technology, a technology verification center, generation of electricity at solar power stations, production of conferences and promotion of regulations. We hope to create jobs for residents of the region and for new residents coming to settle in the region through this diverse variety of fields. If you have relevant qualifications, or are connected to one of these fields, we recommend that you continue reading.

Implementation of these projects, which are supervised by the Energy Initiative, necessitates reinforcement of local population and widespread community leveraging. We are therefore offering attractive opportunities to you and to other professional people.

There are many advantages to living in southern Arava:

  • Waking up every morning to the spectacular landscape of the region 
  • Breathing clean air
  • Getting to work without getting stuck in traffic
  • And if you have children - and you feel like their personal driver - please take note: in the Arava there is transportation to and from all (the many) children's activities  
  • Excellent education - 80% of the students in the southern Arava are eligible for matriculation. This is a direct result of the high quality studies in small classes of up to 30 students each, as well as unique educational programs.
  • The Arava region provides excellent quality of life for the entire family, with a library and a swimming pool on each kibbutz.
  • Tertiary studies can be completed at the Eilat campus of Ben Gurion University, and on weekends the wide variety of challenging sports available throughout the city can be enjoyed.
  • Community life in the region is vibrant and many diverse activities are available for adults and children - activity groups, workshops, performances, hikes, youth movements and more.

And additionally in the region:

A 13% income tax reduction

Reduction in the price of the 45 minute flight to Tel Aviv

Assistance in rental fees and moving costs

Assistance in finding work for your spouse

Come and join the revolution - together we will create a cleaner world!

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