Academia & Research

The fields of science and academia are a vitally important part of the strategy for advancing the field of renewable energy in order to leverage regional development. Research carried out in the region will at the same time depend upon and leverage existing research institutions, and will create interest in a new and topical field.

Such research could also recruit much funding from research foundations, as well as young researchers looking for new challenges and innovation. There are six research institutions in Hevel Eilot and Eilat, of different sizes and in different fields, as well as three academic instruction institutions.


Southern Arava Agricultural R&D: specializes in adapting agricultural crops to extreme desert conditions.
Dead Sea and Arava Scientific R&D: works in various different research fields (archeology, renewable energy, medicine, geology, education and more).
The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies: works on research on environmental biology, renewable energy, ecology and the balance between environmental justice and social justice.
The Inter-university Institute: works on research on marine biology.
The Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute: works on research in the fields of Marine biology and oceanography.
Capital Nature: is a business incubator for renewable energy which invests in avenues for applicable research.


Academic instruction:
The Eilat campus of Ben-Gurion University: Bachelors and Masters degrees in various fields.
The Inter-university Institute: advanced degrees (Masters degrees and doctorates and post-doctorates) in Marine biology.
At the Dead Sea and Arava Scientific Center and the Arava Institute the emphasis is on the field of renewable energies and four principal researchers are currently leading different aspects of the field: using algae for absorbing CO2″ biofuels, hydrogen fuel for vehicles, a passive method for cleaning solar panels, photovoltaic cells and biochar for soil and more.


We are currently considering establishment of a new laboratory center which would contain new well-equipped laboratories for researchers already working in the region, as well as for new researchers who will come to the region in light of cooperation on research with researchers from Jordan (our neighbors to the east) and with Palestinian researchers; there would additionally be laboratories for students studying in the field at the Arava Institute and at the Ben-Gurion University campus in Eilat. The laboratory center would also serve as a center for vocational training, courses, focused laboratories and more. The center would be located next to the Capital Nature experimental field where various pilot projects such as need to operate outside will be installed; the center would supply all required professional laboratory service.

We envision a large center for professional laboratories which would have the ability to lead research breakthroughs, international cooperation on research, and mainly, would be a magnet for researchers from Israel and from around the world who would come to work and live in Hevel Eilot – the Sun Valley for Renewable Energy.