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Career Openings

The Arava Institute is seeking a Lecturer in Environmental Social Science.

Job description: (1/2 position)
The Arava Institute is seeking a social science lecturer to teach a unique student body, join the academic department and to engage in social research

Specific tasks include:
• teaching four courses with an environmental social science focus. These may include Law, Policy, Ethics, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Anthropology, Sociology and Political Science.
• participation in academic program activities such as student trips, Peace Building and Environmental Leadership Seminar ( PELS ) , culture nights, cultural and campus life events and the academic department research seminar.
• participation in Arava Institute committees as required. These may include; Admissions and Scholarship, PELS , the Academic Committee and the Green Institute Committee.
• writing and submitting four research proposal a year on behalf of the Arava Institute
• involvement in Arava Institute research and research centers,
Skills required: A suitable candidate must
• have a PhD in social science.
• be a good teacher and have a desire to teach.
• be passionate about the ideology and the goals of the Arava Institute
• have excellent English proficiency and Hebrew. Additionally, proficiency in Arabic would be an advantage.
If you are interested in the position, please send your CV to